PD Strategy

At MEA much time has been dedicated to the professional development needs of our members. We recognise that the diverse skills required across the nation are reflected in the range of industry sectors and job roles within those areas. There will always be a need for MEA to offer targeted programs, to address local/state issues, however, the overall career paths in the industry and the skill needs that relate to those paths are universal.

MEA has a broad range of topics to cover the required industry skills at all levels. The two major streams within the industry, being sales & marketing and meetings & events management, are provided for in the MEA PD calendar, which truly reflects the professional development needs of meetings and events industry people.

Although MEA is made up of a large variety of businesses, the core membership deals in the area of sales & marketing, and meetings & events management.

Foundation Level PD Topics

Given that the Introductory level is well catered for within MEA via the Essentials program, it is important to note that it is not presumed that all of these topics/skills shall be acquired before appointment into a conference coordinator/sales assistant type role.

Instead it needs to be understood that these PD topics are recommended for those already in these roles in preparation for their move into a supervisory role at the Intermediate or Advanced level.

It is also important to note that the Foundational topics are, by definition, appropriate for the more senior levels as it is presumed that these skills are needed, as well as the additional skills required to perform supervisory and management tasks.

Appropriate for delivery to PCOs/Venue Sales Staff with 1-2 years industry experience.

Advanced Level PD Topics

Appropriate for delivery to Senior Management with more than 5 years industry experience.

Executive Level PD Topics

Appropriate for delivery to Business Principals/Executive Management with responsibility for running the business.

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