Everything you need to know about AEA

As the Registered Training Organisation of Meetings Events Australia, the Australian Events Academy (AEA) is the provider of choice on events industry education and training by delivering conference and events industry learning to members, employers, employees, students, members of industry associations, private training providers and state and federal government departments.

AEA has stimulating educational programs to engage practitioners across all industry sectors. Highly regarded industry leaders and experienced trainer assessors present learning on a wide range of events industry-specific topics and key business areas. Delivery of continuous professional development is vital to the future of the meetings and events industry.

AEA offers Training Programs for:
• People already in the meetings and events industry who need re-training or industry certificates
• People changing careers
• New practitioners who want to learn about the meetings and events industry
• Businesses who want to improve the meetings and events skills of their staff
• Individuals seeking to gain new opportunities in industry compliance through additional professional development

What is a Registered Training Organisation?

AEA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and is registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector. In performing as an RTO, AEA delivers nationally recognised training and assessment primarily to the tourism, hospitality, meetings and events industry sectors.
In accessing Professional Development participants are allocated a number of approved Professional Development points that can contribute towards gaining industry Accreditation and/or industry Recognition.

Who can register for our courses?

The 'Learner Cohort' for the Australian Events Academy has been defined as students that meet at least one of the following criteria

  1. Are currently employed in a role that requires the management of internal or external events
  2. Have previously been employed in a role that requires the management of internal or external events
  3. Have current or previous experience in the skills and knowledge criteria as defined in each unit

This information is gathered on registration. The training manager will process the registration and where there may be doubt on the participant meeting the requirements of our learner cohort, additional information will be attained.

This additional information can include phone interviews, acquiring documentation and, if required, contact with a third party. Additional information that can support the participant’s registration and qualification for our learner cohort can include

  1. A current resume
  2. A copy of a current or previous job description
  3. A testimonial from a current or previous employer or client

MEA, as the association for the meetings and events industry, promotes our courses to both our own member base and the professionals within our industry. Our team have an intimate knowledge of the organisations and individuals who are registering for our programs and further assists our qualification of our participants and their ability to meet our Learner Cohort criteria.

Every possible effort will be made to ensure our participants meet the requirements of our learner cohort and can use their existing skills, knowledge and experience to contribute towards their assessment of competency.

Should a participant not meet the required criteria after following the above procedures, their registration for our training will be rejected until such time that the participant can provide evidence that all necessary criteria have been met.

Range of courses:

• Customised Training Programs

• 'Whitelabel' courses and Programs for different industry segments

• Half and One Day Specialist Workshops

• Essentials in Meetings and Events Management - On-line Course